Dating mxr distortion pedal

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First out of the box was the VP1 Phaser pedal, which can run from a 9V battery or a standard centre‑negative 9V PSU; the battery compartment is accessed by means of a plastic cover in the base.It works all its magic using a single knob and a two‑way tone switch.A single knob controls the phase rate, from a very slow and languid tonal shift to a fast and bubbly effect that sits somewhere between rotary speaker and auto‑wah.With the tone switch in the up position, the effect sounds a bit more pronounced and resonant, but I preferred it in the down position, where slow phasing can be added to the guitar without radically changing its basic tone.The familiar retro‑style chunky footswitch provides a true hard‑wired bypass, and there's the expected red LED to let you know when the effect is active.

I haven't had a problem with volume drop or increase but i see theirs a mod for this, i'm scared extra knobs will just screw it up. adding a analog man buffer seems like a better compromise. Decided that I needed a phase pedal for some Led Zep covers (In My Time of Dying, etc) and tried out many high-end phase pedals at local shops.Either way, the level of background noise is pretty low.Think 'Breathe' by Pink Floyd and you get the picture.The secret to the vintage sound is the use of analogue charge‑coupled delay‑line chips.These also recreate the rather high level of noise associated with such vintage devices, which is particularly evident as sounds are decaying.

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