Dating kindred spirits

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This is by far the question I get the most, which is a good thing, because it shows how much the world wants and needs a paranormal show about helping people, (alive and dead.) I love how much you all love this show because it is such a testament to the fact that every ghost show doesn’t have be *just* scares.Of course, those are super fun shows…we see Kindred Spirits as paranormal with heart.

This was a massive merger that required government oversight and approval and took quite awhile.

And you’re not trying to ‘provoke’ them, either, just reaching out to connect with the spirits; if they’re pissed off, they’ll let you know! I can’t say for certain that I believe in the existence is spirits, but I can’t rule them out either.

Your program is compelling because of the interactions between you and Adam as much as for the evidence you gather.

In the meantime, you can always catch us at one of my Strange Escapes trips,

(Strange Escapes is my paranormal travel business.) Or check my appearances page to see if I’ll be in your area anytime soon! Adam and I know it’s been a long haul, but I promise that what ever comes next will be worth the wait.

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