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Customer since 2013, Eterno Ivica hires us to create a vast digital catalog distributed on 9 highly dedicated and sectorial sites, in addition to the integrated management of all social communication channels.The challenge was to help the Paduan company to implement an ad hoc digital strategy that included technological innovation, digitalization and amplification of communication through innovative web marketing procedures.On December 1, 2008, Ivana confirmed to the Associated Press that she had filed a legal separation agreement three months previously; she has stated in interviews that she and her husband have an on-again/off-again relationship.In December 2009, she said she had filed for divorce from Rubicondi; Soon after her divorce from Donald Trump in 1992, she developed lines of clothing, fashion jewelry and beauty products that have been sold through television shopping channels.Indeed, "The Sound of Design" is to be considered an amazing event that has been able to gather music and design in a single circumstance.The exhibition area, dedicated to Italian Style, has been divided into 10 thematic sets while in the background a large video wall transmits an accurate collection of music and videos from the 70s and 80s that, through a touch installations, the visitor could it selects itself.The entire site is supported by an innovative translation system: the marketing manager, once the text of the product or article has been inserted, requires the translation directly from the administration to professionals, who are real and not robots.Within 24 hours the translation is automatically published in the desired language, respecting all the added formatting.

A condition of settlement was that she not talk about their marriage without his permission.

Particular attention was given also to the paid campaigns, designed for the Italian and foreign public in a dedicated manner.

We have gone as far as worrying about updating the followers in real time on the days at the fair or in the special events in which the company participates.

This is how we promptly created an integrated communication solution that operates on different channels such as Facebook and Linked In.

Post with attention to the smallest details, from the graphics and texts, to the time of publication and marketing investments, have meant that from the first weeks an increase in interactions with the page could be noticed.

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