Dating impotent man

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Because my ex couldn’t get it up, even the thought of getting naked was embarrassing for him.

“Let’s talk instead, it’s so much better” was his plea when I tried to initiate anything.

Our relationship became a version of platonic love without the romance or the lust.

He would try to make love and fail, and then get so discouraged and anxious that he couldn’t bear to be cuddly or even kiss for fear it will lead to sex and another “failure”. Any self-respecting, hot blooded woman would, you’d say.

It’s complicated to explain so I will just tell you what it was like and leave you to decide.

She hoisted up her Bengali saree and cornered me with: “If you don’t get married to him, are you just going to keep having sex with him? I tried to comfort him, I could tell he felt incomplete.

There is so much weight placed on machismo in society and in popular culture that a man equates his masculinity with his performance in bed.

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