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Here are some of the ways they evaluate them: Fire resistance Fire is the No. The National Fire Protection Association says that during an average lifetime, there's a one in four chance of experiencing a household fire large enough to warrant calling the fire department.

1 concern of most buyers, according to Greg Bonsib, director of brand management at Sentry Safe, a major manufacturer in Rochester, N. UL and Intertek rate fire-resistant safes in terms of what type of material they'll protect and how long they'll protect it.

Your basement could be better from a fire-protection standpoint; there's usually less down there to burn, Soos says.

But if your home is located in a flood-prone area, the safe might be at greater risk in the basement.

"Once they get their arms full," he adds, "they're out of there." A 1.2 or 1.3 cubic-foot safe probably weighs about 100 pounds empty, making it a less attractive target than jewelry, cameras, small electronics, and other more portable items a burglar might spot.

Many safes also come with bolt-down kits, a further deterrent to thieves in a hurry.

Generally speaking, 30 minutes should be sufficient, Bonsib says.

Where to put it The best place for your safe will depend on the design of your house, but there are some trade-offs worth considering.

The master bedroom tends to be the first stop for burglars, according to Mc Goey, so it might not be the ideal site for the safe.

Home safes might not be the best place for your precious jewelry, rare coins, or 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card.

For those kinds of treasures, a safe-deposit box at a bank probably offers more protection.

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