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In many cases, there may be more than one stamp on an item, sometimes indicating where the piece was manufactured and where it was painted and glazed.Additionally, backstamps offer insight into the date of a piece, since most manufacturers changed stamps every few years. Simply turn the piece over and look on the bottom or back.Nippon porcelain was made in Japan from 1891 to 1921.Nippon is the Japanese word for "Japan." Nippon porcelain was made to be exported to the west, with designs specifically for American tastes, and was less expensive than most European porcelain.According to The, a website by potter and history expert Steve Birks, this was quite common with early bone china.If your piece doesn't have a backstamp, consider taking it to a professional appraiser to learn more about the pattern.

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Typically, this beautiful gilt paint is applied to the edges of plates, cups, bowls, and other pieces.

Here's how: Whether you have a popular pattern or a rare gem from the past, antique china is a beautiful and valuable part of dining culture.

Knowing how to find out your china pattern name or number can give you sense of your piece's place in history.

Also note any other significant colors in the design.

Does it have a black edge or a decoration of fuchsia flowers?

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