Dating for fit healthy people

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And when someone we care about doesn’t support us, those goals become even more difficult.

But should you leave your significant other simply because he or she doesn’t get your yoga obsession?

Rather than wanting to stay healthy, live longer, or look good for their spouses, they were driven to the gym to look good for their lovers.

Does your sweetie spend an awful lot of time at the gym without seeing results?

“Negative attitudes towards a partner’s eating and exercise habits can also be self-protection strategies,” says William J. D., a therapist and professor at the University of Minnesota.Also, it might be fun (and sexy) to make getting in shape something you do together.Goals like getting up for morning jogs, hitting the gym after work, or sticking to healthy meals can be tough.Perhaps this is reason enough to make workout dates together.Last but certainly not least, a study by Harvard, La Verne, and Santa Clara universities found physically attractive people have shorter relationships, are more likely to get divorced, and express more of an interest in making extramarital connections.

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