Dating both twins

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My gf was horrified and quickly ushered her sister out the door and locked it behind her. I can find a man physically attractive but in no way want to have intimate times with him because his personality isn't compatible.After a while (when they open their mouths enough) the physical attraction disappears completely and once you get to know someone and love them, even their flaws are just beautiful. It breaks my little heart that so many people have had (or perceive to have had) different experiences.I'd say that neither wife can stand the other person for extended periods of time at all. Same thing with everything out of my mouth with my sister-in-law.We both have strong personalities and can finish each other's sentences. I am her husband, but I'm the evil awful version.Personal filters for how attractive someone must be to initially talk to them will vary, of course.Instead of raging on the internet, let's all try to take a moment each time we meet someone to meet them without pre-conceptions.

I certainly wouldn't state looks don't matter just that they matter less and less (and eventually not at all) as you get to know someone.

Shit, he could be days into a flu or the cold, have royally pissed me off, or helicoptered his dick, and I still want bang him like four times a day.

I can't imagine how that feels, I really hope they don't say 'ugly one' seeing as you're so similar that if he is the 'hot one' how is that fair, because you can't be at such opposing ends of the spectrum but look so alike.

It might sound like the beginning of a joke, or perhaps a romantic comedy starring the Olsen twins, but if a set of identical twins married another set of identical twins what would their children look like?

These types of twins are called monozygotic twins, which literally means they come from the same cell: 'mono' meaning one, and 'zygotic' meaning a fertilised cell.

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