Dating bald women Sexchat with aunty

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I believe we have become emotionally unavailable and desensitized, it’s easier to be detached; it’s safer then rejection in a confusing world of ‘perfect’.

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dating bald women-37

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Could hair really rob me of this womanly characteristic, femininity?I was honest and positive and as I said the words over and over again, I have alopecia, it felt surreal and foreign but I kept saying it until it was apart of me.Like saying I have blonde hair or I am 156cm in height.A reflection of my journey, a bald girl in the dating world. Some time ago I shaved my head and started living my life as a bald woman with Alopecia. Over here in my bubble I assumed I was no longer feminine, I felt ugly.I looked in the mirror and was mortified at what was looking back at me, I no longer knew who I was.

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