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I started to tell myself I was doomed to be alone forever, who could seriously wake up beside a bald woman and think that I was a catch, I didn’t have hair, my femininity had left the building, poof, like that I was no longer soft, I was flawed, undesirable, looked harsh and bold.Could hair really rob me of this womanly characteristic, femininity?Now this I found refreshing and empowering and deep within me emerged a sense of duty to stand proud and represent all the bald women.I felt like a modern day Joan of Arc perhaps, in the dating sea of shallowness.I threw myself out there as a social experiment and started dating again as uncomfortable as that was.It really took something and I risked a lot of rejection and painful judgment but I felt the fear and did it regardless.It became a part of who I now was and it was there comfort grew.

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My only other choice was to saddle up and see where this lead, after all it was who I was now and not a lot was going to change that!The research I did proves that men are not as confronted by it nor are they as judgmental as I first thought they would be.Women are more disturbed and mortified than men at the thought of a woman having no hair. Its ironic society has us believe that no matter what we do we just aren’t good enough.I believe we have become emotionally unavailable and desensitized, it’s easier to be detached; it’s safer then rejection in a confusing world of ‘perfect’.The lines are extremely blurred and with confused heads and hearts we all just want to be loved.

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