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You'd be surprised how well rambling about stuff in 6 dimensions can spark interest in a girl.People often don't read that carefully here do they?

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If you don’t know what to do, you’ll likely make a serious mistake and blow it… If she isn’t eager to hang out with you and doesn’t text you first, take a step back and wait for her to reach out. First, women often need space to sort their feelings out. When any of these happen to you, it makes you wonder “why is she acting distant all of a sudden? but trust me on this one While you surely are getting the urge to chase her and “get her back”… Smothering and clingy behavior will only aggravate the problem. Right now it’s easy to get into the trap that you have to “do something” to get her attention back.I know it sounds harsh and a little up our own arses but we just want to know you're worth the time investment - we could be reading or with friends or ticking other things off our to-do lists. Then once we've warmed to you we'll have a laugh together and it'll be fun.If you're not funny or quick-witted I doubt you'll progress after this stage, though.I saw a beautiful girl(not to a lot of people maybe) of this type today.I just always have a think about these girls, they don't treat you poorly or well.

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