Dating a star pistol

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The Model BM shown has had the hammer spur bobbed to eliminate hammer bite and the magazine disconnect has been removed. There is nothing fancy about this gun, but it is solidly built and a reasonably good performer, particularly for the price.

They come throated from the factory and feed many JHP's well, but not necessarily all.

Note that the grip extends nearly to the bottom of the slide and that there is no plunger tube as on the 1911.

The Star uses a pivoting external claw extractor ala Browning Hi Power and other semiautomatics including some of the newer 1911 type pistols, but the disconnector on the Star is in the a slide rail groove of the frame, positioned similarly to the old High Standard .22 pistols.

These pistols are no longer manufactured and the company that produced them no longer exists in the same form.

It has merged with another Spanish arms maker and it is important to note that new parts are being produced.

The slide is locked back by engaging a notch with the thumb safety.

The gun is pretty accurate and in my experiences with perhaps half a dozen over the years, reliablewith many different JHP designs but not necessarily all.

Browning's 1911 design, but there are enough differences that while they may be "related", I do not consider them clones.

Strong & Weak Points: For the traditionalist the Star presents an inexpensive 9mm pistol constructed completely of forged steel parts as it precedes the age of MIM.

Produced by Star Bonifacio Escheverria in Spain, this single-stack 9x19mm single-action pistol remains a fairly popular handgun for those seeking inexpensive firearms that are not cheap.

If a bit heavy by today's standards, it is compact and lends itself nicely to concealed carry.

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