Dating a star pistol dating delia

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I have seen very few problems with either premature slide lock or the slide failing to lock open after the last shot with the Star pistols.

There can be little doubt that the Model BM as well as its predecessor, the Model B, have been strongly influenced by Mr.

Parts replacement will only get more difficult with each passing year.

Still, at about 0 to 5 for a like-new pistol, they are purchased pretty quickly when a newly found batch is imported into the US. Parts do not interchange and internal systems are quite different.

The recoil spring and guide rod are removed toward the rear.

When done, the bushing can be turned and removed followed by taking the barrel from the slide.

These pistols are no longer manufactured and the company that produced them no longer exists in the same form.

It has merged with another Spanish arms maker and it is important to note that new parts are being produced.

Disassembly is more like the Browning Hi Power than the 1911.Surprisingly, these sights are not at all "slow" to be picked up at speed. There are definite similarities to the 1911 visible in the external features of the gun and with the removable bushing as well as the swinging link, but there are also considerable differences between the two designs.The link is in the proper position for reassembly on the Star but would not be on a true 1911.The slide is locked back by engaging a notch with the thumb safety.With the magazine removed, the slide assembly can be slid off the front of the frame.

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