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The best thing a partner can do is to just let Gemini vent.

It's not wise to talk back and escalate the argument.

They believe it's something you giggle and talk about rather than something that binds two people together and makes the earth move.

For some people, this approach can be superficial and unfulfilling; for others, it can be a fun relief. Geminis love kids, especially when the kids get old enough to play with them.

Just keep in mind they will also be as flirty, flaky, moody and undependable as they were when you were dating.

One thing's for sure, to be happily married to a Gemini, you'll have to be able to keep up with them, or they'll lose you somewhere along the way.

It's almost a certainty your life together will never be boring. At the center of any Gemini's personality is the need to circulate freely, gather new information by conversing with others, and then share what they've learned.

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They love reading to their kids, taking them to the movies or on trips here and there, and they are always ready to pique their child's curiosity and answer questions about anything and everything.Trust that Gemini will blow themselves out, and it will be over as quickly as it began.A Gemini is prone to buying on a whim and is seldom concerned with being frugal. Additionally, because they bore easily and hate routine, they are prone to switching jobs often, which can have a negative effect on finances.So if you're a sensual, passionate person who's into candlelight and romance, a Gemini might not be the best marriage partner for you.Even after marriage, Gemini expects sex to be a verbal, light-hearted, fun affair, and the fact they love you has little to do with it.

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