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I asked a man who was 50 why he married a woman who was 25 at the time. I still am not attracted to any woman who has gone that route. A quick run through photos is like watching a flickering movie of the demise of your face and body. Truth was he could see and want a future with her based on that fact that women his age had too many demands and expectations and the woman he married had very few of which he could fill. In high school I was attracted to some women who were roughly 5 years or more older than I. Most have let themselves go (terribly so) in size, face, hair and attitude. Don’t post your main image of you at 20 or 30 if you are 50.I have one friend who in his late 40s with a grown daughter (married) was left by his wife two years ago.

Radio career, that turned into television career, that morphed into Corporate Communications and then displaced by economic bubbles and technology shifts of the early 2000s to take under-employment for a decade before a transition to two other growing fields in the 2010s. What I am beyond a person appeals to them: stability, focus on them, good dual incomes, property ownership, lack of debt, faith based commonalities.

And you wonder why good men are considering women younger to date and marry?

Take a good inventory of who you are before you jump to conclusions.

Fischer in her book THE PRINCESS DIARIST stated she wondered often why she had so many male admirers of her in her late teens to twenties when she thought she was the same woman in her 50s to 60s. ” The fact is that Fisher had led such an excessive life (aged prematurely by drugs) and bouts of weight gain/loss/gain that they are not attractive to older, same age or younger men. Who wants to live with such entitlement and excessive demands?

Truth is there are a plethora of men, single men, willing to date men, in normal life, in what used to be the Middle Class of America that are out there and interested in establishing and maintaining a good relationship.

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