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Tikal grew into an important ceremonial, cultural, and commercial centre over the centuries.Most of the city's huge temples were constructed during the eighth century AD when Tikal became the greatest city in the Maya world with a population of perhaps 100,000.Tikal's great stone monuments languished for centuries and were gradually reclaimed by the jungle.Hernan Cortes, the conqueror of Mexico, and his motley band of conquistadors marched by Tikal in 1525, but they failed to see its temples concealed by 40-metre-tall silk, cotton, cedar and mahogany trees.Called Temple of the Masks because of huge stone masks guarding its stairway, Temple II is almost as tall as Temple I, but safer to climb.

Today Tikal is to Guatemala what the Great Pyramids are to Egypt, a national symbol and a source of pride in the past.You can see a replica of this elaborate tomb in the Tikal Museum near the visitors' centre.Temple I has yielded other treasures, including intricately carved wooden lintels over its doors, which have furnished clues to Maya beliefs and cosmology.The enigmatic Maya ran this complex arrangement like a time machine back and forth across immense spans of time.One of Tikal's stelae records a mysterious date more than five million years in the past, and glyphs on a stela at Quirigua in eastern Guatemala commemorate some obscure event that took place 400 million years ago.

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