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So, with just six contenders left in the competition now that Marissa's gone (sob! When the group discovers this, there's naturally a big reaction.

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The contenders stay upright though and belt out 'Like A Virgin', which makes Mark's eyes widen quite spectacularly. Hannah's thrilled when Mark says he was mostly watching her, but Samuel wins this one for being "equal opportunity sexy" (basically, he didn't discriminate between the boys and the girls). Then Mark reveals that the video shoot will be Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream', while Robert explains that they'll all be paired up.

I want to see your ID." Lindsay and Damian are next, with Lindsay making the slightly terrifying promise that they will be making "some serious heat" to make up for her studio struggles.

The only problem is that Damian isn't doing too well with the choreography, forcing Zach to question whether he can be a leading man.

Alex, on the other hand - well, they finally seem to have noticed that he can be slightly over the top and not too subtle with his acting.

We also get to see their one-on-one time with Mark and Ashley, which was worth it just for Mark saying: "Are you old enough to be sexy?

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