Cursor and updating same records inside cursor

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As cursors are a part of a Stored Procedure, we will elaborate a bit more on SP in this article as well.

I need the same attribute information for each row the fields. Update Cursor(fc2, field3) as cursor: for row in cursor: row[0] = 'Q' cursor.update Row(row) with Search Cursor(fc2, field5) as scursor: for srow in scursor: sval = srow[0] urow = urow[0] = "0" sval.replace("-", "") ucursor.update Row(urow) I have a function I call all the time for doing this, but first, you'll need a common field to join by.

From the screenshot, looks like you have a one to many relationship between the fields with several road names (import arcpy import os FIELD_TYPES = def Copy Fields(source_table, in_field, join_table, join_key, join_values=[]): """ Copies field(s) from one table to another Required: source_table -- table in which to add new fields in_field -- a field that has common values to a field in the join_table.

In particular, we will see how to return a dataset from an SP. With cursors, we can traverse a dataset and manipulate each record to accomplish certain tasks.

When such an operation on a record can also be done in the PHP layer, it saves data transfer amounts as we can just return the processed aggregation/statistical result back to the PHP layer (thus eliminating the – manipulation process at the client side).

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