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BTW: Has anyone on RSP dated someone older then them? When I was 40 I had a brief blazing fling with a woman who was 56. I recall now that a few months ago, I was hit on for the first time ever by someone younger than my daughter. Brazilian girl Demeriz at fuddrucker's whose eyes were sort of glowy (super open pupils? I generally date women who are close to my own age.Entire books have been written about this, none of which are a suitable replacement for actually dating younger women. Had many types of relationships, including a few romantic ones of some kind, held a job or two, worked out some kind of peace, happy balance or avoidance plan with the nuclear family from which they came etc. In fact, I'm virtually a virgin." since the concept seems so impossible to you. I kick myself for not asking for her number and I'm also glad I didn't get pursue it. I've alluded to what I actually do and penthouse letters would reject it as fantasy. My current attention is on a sweet lady I've known for close to 40 years. typically between relationships, but maybe there was some misconduct as well... It's safe because she lives north of San Francisco and I still remain hidden away in Idaho. BTW: Has anyone on RSP dated someone older then them? She remains my platonic Cultural Companion to this day.Like, why else would an old ass dude target a 17 year old other than for the creep factor? I remember being 17 and having an older man take advantage of my nativity. show me an 18 year old who's mature enough and who's had enough relationship/life experience to be with someone in their late 20's/30's/etc. Going after teenagers as an adult, regardless of whether or not it's legal, is fucked up. When I was 18 a 25 yo dude at my job took advantage of my lack of relationship experience like this. Looking back, the signs were all there, but at the time I was too naive to see through his paper thin lies.Even at 17, you're still too young to be on the same maturity level as a 25 year old, let alone however old Jerry Seinfeld is. It's sick that people think it's ok to date at 18 when you're older than like 22 at the oldest.Other than that I've stuck with women within a few years of my age to either side. I can't get any women my age to date me, which I attribute to the wisdom that comes with age. I would say something like "put another LP on the turntable, honey butt, and fetch me an egg cream while you're up," and she would just stare at me blankly for a while. I think in general when you are young closer to your age is usually a better choice.

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")So yeah, it's weird that there's a one-year difference, but the cultural expectation isn't on the man to go "she's a single day away from legal adulthood, it's not that big a deal", the expectation is that he goes "she became a legal adult Ok, so can't women be """hot""" and """young""" and """"""fertile"""""" during their actual reproductive peak of 20-25???????However, after a few dates, guys get tired of always paying. Money determines what you do for fun, what you eat, where you live, and how you live. I don’t mind a weekend getaway, a hotel room for the night, or a fancy dinner once in a while. I would much rather train or invest money into my business. You have to remember that it’s your journey and your journey alone. Romantic partners will enter, stick around, and then turn into complete strangers. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you. For example, I have a friend who disappears whenever he finds a new girlfriend. He stops working out, doesn’t respond to his buddies, and spends all of his money on her. I’m here to remind you that it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. Money is very important when it comes to your relationships. You can ignore it at first, but the topic of money will always creep up into conversation.I personally appreciate it when the lady at least as the guy. If the female doesn’t offer to at least buy a round of drinks by the fifth date, then you might want to watch out, because she clearly is expecting you to pay for in the long run. These are all sensitive topics when it comes to first date conversations. Most of us don’t have six months into the future and a college fund for the kids. Some guys don’t mind spending their paychecks on dating. I like to pay for dates, but I’m not a sponsor who’s looking to buy gifts and be on the hook for every single expense. Money is the deciding factor in every decision that you make as a couple. I don’t want to spend every single penny on dates and spoiling my girlfriend. Check out this Love and Money episode of #Talking Taboo to hear more perspectives on money and dating… But it seems like their is an exception for wealth. -5Next serious relationship was with a 40 year old. -8Next serious relationship was with a 29 year old. In truth though, tight butts and unwrinkled faces become less and less important than actual compatibility as I age. A 25-year-old who has spent their whole life living either at home or school in other people's structures is a lot different than a 25-year-old who has gone off to live on her own, gotten a job as middle management, discovered herself, etc. For instance, if you were to age as gracefully as Dick Clark (before the stroke, mind you), you could be dating someone young enough to be your granddaughter and it wouldn't look creepy. So at 50, you could date a 32 year old without being creepy. But she does retain many of the enchanting physical characteristics that kept bringing me back for more over the years. I've always felt stage of life was more important than age.

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