Consolidating stiff concrete sample

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Adding a micro-pump provides a continuous load pressure to the testing procedure in accordance with ASTM C293 and ASTM C78.

H-3031CL Continuous-Load Beam Breaker (ASTM C293) for 4" x 4" x 14" beams - To enable quick and accurate measurement of flexural strength, the H-3031CL incorporates a screw jack that provides a continuous application of force against the test beam.

Self-consolidating concrete – Humboldt offers a range of tools to measure the fluidity and rapid assessment of static segregation resistance, in line with ASTM C1621, C1621M, C1611 standards on of self-consolidating concrete.

Flexural Beam Testing Flexural tests evaluate a concrete sample’s flexural strength, also known as the modulus of rupture – the amount of applied force required to cause a concrete specimen to fail.

It’s also used to estimate strength based on the maturity concept.

Unit weight – Humboldt provides measures, strike-off plates and scales that support ASTM C29, C138, C192 standards for accurate measurement of the unit weight of concrete, a key step in determining strength, workability, and durability.

HCM-0030 Compression Machine, 30,000lbs (133.5k N) – Suitable for cylinders, cubes, beams and cores of standard strength concrete mixes.

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The H-3635 Deluxe Slump Cone Set includes the Standard Cone Set plus a brush, scoop and funnel to aid in filling the slump cone.A slump cone or Abrams cone is filled with fresh concrete.When the cone is lifted from the concrete, the distance between the top of the cone and the top of the subsided concrete is known as the slump.Humboldt Compression Testing Solutions Humboldt offers a complete range compression machines for measuring the compressive strength of concrete beams, cylinders, cubes and other structures.Our machines meet or exceed ASTM C39, C78, C293, C469, C496, C1019 and C109 standards.

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