Compliance gaining strategies used to intensify dating relationships

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This chapter not only demonstrates such co mpl exi ty. and also addresses recelll criticis ms of the theory. Referellces_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Infan te. like pool balls banking off the cushions of a pool table or ricocheting off one another before finally dropping into a Part I • Preliminoril'.v: Definitions. l Il Id Theon'tical Ulldell Jillllillg.\ 11 poc ket. although we said carlier that we would like you to co nsider thi s section more of a main course than an appetizer, we hope that this first batch of chapters will whet yo ur appetite for all th ose that follow.

Pcrhap" hc'u \cell Ino man) mo\'ic\ \ ilh "career day" scenes-featuring o\,crzc 1 2 Chapter 1 • A R01; OIwh' for Studying Per.w(lsioll villain did hi! I left and Slopped doing research on the theory of cognitive dissonance because I was in a total rut. ss affect perception" of veracity and the likel ihood of being harassed? We hope you find the chapters in this part informative and enlighten in g. you should have a much better understanding of what pe rsuasion is. Would you simply say, "Oh well, I tried" and resign you rself to the fact that the world is full of injustices? to engage in an active effort 10 change the mind of the aggressor. when one has {J moral obligation to try 10 change others' minds ami behm'ior. We see dialogue and persua~ion as complementary, not alllilhclical, forms of communication . And as wc·ve argued elsewhere (Gass & Seiter, 2(03), we think the motives of persuader! have as much to do with the ethical defensibility of their innuence attempts as the means of persuasion used. or who are forced to marry against their will, mind too much if others lise persuasion to try to improve their lot in life.

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