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She had on a tight white sweater that was stretched over her big boobs. It also looked about 2 sizes to small and it sat low on her shoulders, and accented her massive cleavage.She walked back to her station and dropped her bag and then went to the front desk to talk to the Asian women.I walked toward her and gave her a twenty to pay for the haircut and the business card and hundred I slipped into her palm and said "if you are willing to trust new people your dream of working from home can be realized." I walked out the front door and across the parking lot.I stopped and looked over at her car and saw her husband crouching down and peeking out the passenger window at Mica in the Salon.After lunch I walked over to the building to see what was in there.It was about noon and the glass door had a sign on it that read, "appointment only, established 1982." I stood and stared at the front door, it opened and this Asian women asked "you need haircut?It's ok to be yourself and have fun once in awhile." She said "I wished I had a job at home and did not have to rely on him to drive me, I have been late every day since I started here because of him." She finished my hair cut and walked over to the front to ring me up. I pulled out a business card and wrote my cell phone number on back of the card and a "$" bill sign on the front.

I drove home and fell asleep on the couch and woke about 3hrs later when my cell phone rang.

She had tan 2 inch platform heels that were faded and they must have been new or she started to wear them because she wobbled and looked unsteady when she walked.

Her faded blue jeans were 2 sizes to small, the jeans looked like they were almost painted on her.

There were no pockets on the back, and this made her ass jump right out as she walked.

The jeans were cut just above her ass crack and about 2 inches above her ankles.

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