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It's ok to be yourself and have fun once in awhile." She said "I wished I had a job at home and did not have to rely on him to drive me, I have been late every day since I started here because of him." She finished my hair cut and walked over to the front to ring me up. I pulled out a business card and wrote my cell phone number on back of the card and a "$" bill sign on the front.

I reached in another pocket and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and a twenty and put the hundred around the business card.

I smiled and she stuck out her finger and motion for me to follow her to the back. I sat down and leaned back into the sink and she started to shampoo my head. I tried not to look at her boobs but her cleavage was inches from my face and I was starting to get major erection in my pants.

She did not wear make up and had on no perfume but she had a natural beauty that could be seen if you took the time to look.

The door swung open and this women held the door with her left hand and a green tote bag with the other.

She had light brown hair that was straight and had big curls on the end.

After lunch I walked over to the building to see what was in there.

It was about noon and the glass door had a sign on it that read, "appointment only, established 1982." I stood and stared at the front door, it opened and this Asian women asked "you need haircut?

I paused and said "you are a very attractive women and I would love to take you out to dinner so we can discuss the possibilities." She said "no," "I can't cheat on my husband.

She did however near the end of my hair cut stop and go outside to her car.

I saw her talking to some one and then about 5 minutes later came back into the shop and returned to my chair.

He had a bad goatee and looked to be about 4ft 8 and about 90 pounds.

I drove home and fell asleep on the couch and woke about 3hrs later when my cell phone rang.

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