Comparisson of computer dating services

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Zoosk gets approximately 25 million visitors a month, while gets approximately 35 million visitors per month.

Both dating sites have the exact same percentage of female to male users at 52% female to 48% male.

Here is a super cute video/musical put out by the team. Match is nicely designed and relatively easy to use.

Someone who is new to online dating might find using overwhelming with all the options. Is clear right from the get-go that spends a good amount of money on website designers and are continually improving how easy it is to access and use their features once logged in.

Whereas for, the top three countries are the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in that order, while the top three from Zoosk are the United States, Canada and then the United Kingdom.

The only differences are that Canada and the United Kingdom are switched, but both receive a huge majority from the United States. The Zoosk online dating site is a lot like the social networking site Facebook, in fact, it is quite heavily integrated into Facebook having initially started out as a Facebook application.

So let’s try to find out which site is the best one or the best choice for you. Make sure to check out the individual review articles for my Zoosk review and my review!While Zoosk and Match have the majority of their users between the ages of 25 to 55, specifically has a higher percentage of individuals between 55 and 65 when compared to Zoosk.The cheapest price for Match is .99 per month, whereas Zoosk claims to be free but you will most likely need to pay .49 per month to access any useful features.But this feeling passes very quickly, and you will be glad that all of these options are here. It looks stunning both the mobile app version, tablets as well as on a regular computer.Zoosk, on the other hand, is entirely different from other online dating sites.

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