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It was the same for men and for women, although men experience one unique phenomenon: According to online dating sites, an overwhelming majority of men are exactly 6 feet tall.In reality, starting at about 5’8 men are far more likely to round their heights up to that common benchmark.However, when it comes to online dating, people universally round their salaries up by 20% on average, regardless of their age or actual income.However, similar to the “six foot” phenomenon noted earlier, 0k/year seems to be the most coveted – and biggest lie – in the online dating world.Sure, reading about a person’s likes and interests can be amusing, but it’s much easier and more enlightening when you can put an (attractive) face to a personality profile. And how come she looks like she just graduated college, even though her profile says she’s in her mid-thirties? According to OKCupid, metadata collected - including tags automatically uploaded through users’ cameras - indicated that the hotter the picture, the more likely it is to be outdated.However, too often, it goes something like this: Profile picture: an ostensibly spontaneous selfie in the car. Next, a series of casual photographs of her at the beach, just letting it all hang out and having a great time. Approximately 1 in 5 photos deemed to be “hot” by OKCupid researchers turned out to be two years old or older.Imagine you’re forty, single and making less than 50k a year.It’s not hard to imagine giving yourself a little bump or rounding up by 5k or so to increase your chances of getting a date.

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The global online dating market is valued at around billion, and the number of users has tripled in the last decade.

As to whether or not the 6 foot mark has any impact on the success of those profiles – no definitive data. Take a look at your own online dating profile or even your social network sites.

Do your posts tell the whole story of your lifestyle, or just highlight your biggest moments, life events and humble brags?

A large number of online dating profiles include photos of their owners participating in 5ks, doing volunteer work and other impressive feats.

In reality, most of those photos were one-time events that were purposefully recorded and milked for all the recognition and mileage one can achieve online.

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