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Guests that dine in Lucy Restaurant [above the club] prior to a show at Comedy Works South receive preferred seating in the first 6 rows.Upon arrival ticket holders with Lucy reservations proceed directly upstairs to the restaurant where your show tickets will be waiting for you.This funny lady always cracks me up and this routine is no different. I sure hope we continue to hear more from this hilarious comedian. The show is going to have lots of laughs, plenty of intrigue, and maybe a little love.

Remember when dining in Lucy Restaurant you never wait in a box office or seating line, we take care of all that for you.I sure hope we continue to hear more from this hilarious comedian. That's when they decided to sign her up for some online dating sites and that's where the hilarity starts.She met a lot of interesting people on these various sites and she's sharing some of the best stories today.When I first started standup, I'd ask other comedians for advice, and the No. I got some attention from the male comics and that was nice, but when you're a girl in a boy's world, the attention is pretty much a numbers game. If so, you should include that in your initial pitch. So with the logic that was provided to me by sitcoms, I began to wonder why the comedian attempting to be my surrogate father told me to not date a coworker.1 piece of advice I was given (besides don't be like Dane Cook) was: Don't date another comedian. Also, I'd been around the open mic scene enough to think, "Why would I want to hang out in another mom's basement when I could hang out in my own mother's basement? I did a good job abstaining from dating comedians my first year in. That way if the date doesn't go well, you can face this person again at open mic, use the story on stage and pretend it was someone else entirely. For some weird reason we like getting up in front of people and telling jokes and seeing how many days in a row we can wear the same shirt and hope no one will notice! It's easier to get to know someone when they're not hiding behind the curtain of the Internet like the Wizard of Oz.

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