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I have friends who were deeply hurt by Christian boyfriends or girlfriends—and their wounds sting with the confusion that they had truly believed God was blessing their relationship.From one perspective, it seems like while our non-Christian friends enjoy certain liberties, we Christians have an extra chain of rules and standards that bind us from enjoying the whole dating process.

Third, find nice stock photos, preferably ones with a cute girl or guy with perfect hair that glints under a soft, rusty sunlight.I fall into a subgroup where we’re young but no longer so young (and aware of it), typically dating or single, and still clinging onto faith while concerned about being relevant to the world.That means we straddle both secular culture and kingdom values, one foot in a broken, messy world and the other in a Christian community that’s also broken and messy.Pastor John says this, but Pastor Tim says that, and my favorite Christian rapper/blogger/podcaster says this, so ... Today we receive advice from more sources than ever, and it’s hard to first withdraw into the inner chamber of prayer and listen to the Spirit’s voice—and much harder when the subject is this thorny, weedy wilderness called Relationships.One example: I recently had dinner with three of my closest girlfriends, none of them believers.

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