Cerina vincent dating

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40 years old (Born on February 07, 1979) American actor; She is famous from Not Another Teen Movie, Cabin Fever.

Sister of Gino Vincent Italian-American Won the Miss Nevada Teen USA Pageant in 1996, but hung up her pageant crown after finishing in the top 15 for Miss Teen USA.

The quietude deeply affects Harley's creative mind, and the ideas she is able to muster lack any excitement.

Harley realizes she needs the chaos from her siblings for inspiration.

To calm them down, Suzy and Tom decide to take the family to the movies.

Harley struggles to get her siblings and parents to the park, where she is to receive a young inventor's award.

To ensure she gets the sweet seat, and as soon as her siblings become aware of what day it is, Harley urges them to stay quiet about it for the rest of the day and distract Suzy and Tom from remembering.

In trying to keep her birthday a secret, Harley endures demands from Daphne to keep quiet, as well as getting into trouble.

The Diaz family ends up having a short stay at the theater as Suzy and Tom notice the movie they are watching is not G-rated.

Harley finally settles on her project when Ethan shows her behind-the-scenes family moments he captured on his phone while at the theater; she builds a film projector so the family can watch those moments.

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