Can you go from friends to dating

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We had a discussion about what activities would help us feel good and strong about the relationship.

The communication that we had built up during our six months in a long distance relationship helped us move in together with less of the typical conflict.

If the plan is to be together in the same place, you need to have conversations and develop a plan.

It’s a question to quake even the strongest friendship, whether it’s a new haircut, a big career move or a new significant other – but especially the last one.

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He is an excellent communicator so we had a lot of text conversations and phone conversations that revolved around just us being us rather than ‘when will I see you next? Basically, we were living in the moment rather than planning ahead, which is so counterintuitive for long distance!Live your lives and share them with each other.”“It's crucial to ask yourself if one or both of you can really afford the money and time to travel frequently.Weekends away sound romantic but, if they're ultimately going to be a strain, the trade off is not worth it.In fact, if you’re both willing to put in the work, your cross-zip code love can lead to a lasting commitment.We asked women in long distance relationships how they’re making it work—from having a regular Netflix date to sending each other photos daily to playing online games together, here’s how to make a long distance relationship work from the women who have actually been there.“We have a shared calendar and schedule quality time over video chats, which we treat like serious dates.

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