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– by hollyi have a serious e-mail problem, and not sure how to solve it, i keep getting e-mail messages from people or i don't know who they are, and sometimes i even get e-mails from myself which i know i haven't been sending them, and the worst part is they fill up my e-mail inbox to up to 100 unknown e-mails that say undelivered mail, i know that i have not been sending them, scared to click on them, because i think it might give me a computer virus every day i delete them.

but this is getting tiresome…this is a serious matter…please help!

every time i checked on it i still received the same error, so after a few hours of that i gave up.

i received a generic form letter response, two days and four more form submissions later.

nothing was done and i was not contacted again, so after another day had passed i tracked down a phone number and decided to try and talk to a real person. after a 25 minute, facial tic-inducing, head full of muzak yahoo!

– by ide eventually, the problem stopped happening and i don't know why.

i did wonder whether it was because i have email with a extension (german) although i log on from the us. by the way, collegegirl2, use the spam filter (select this is spam — report).

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