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i've tried getting an email address from [email protected] that's been ignored, didn't even come back undelivered.i have absolutely no idea how to get any further help, or any real email help addresses.i don't anybody has a [email protected] address.i have tried everything you said.the box will not empty even though i empied all mail.i'll share my nightmare and pray that one of you can help. once i had finally found what yahoo's excuse was for customer support, the only thing i accomplished was following the same worthless help links in circles and killing nearly four hours. i began searching for some tech support, a faq page, help desk, anything!

since then i've received five generic form responses to my 50 or so generic form submissions. this has been going on for days and is beyond frustrating. if you have two accounts, the server maybe having trouble determing which cookie to use for the user account(s).sounds like someone is using your acount to send spam change your password if that doesn't work then its someone whos spoffing your e-mail address to send the mails and the other server is bouncing the replys back to you instead of them also it could be a virus of some kind sending them from your pc are you using outlook or a web based system if its web baised then it wont be a virus – by briti am not recieving any yahoo mail at all at the moment, haven't able to for some time.i can send ok, and undeliverable mail from yahoo comes back fine.– by hollyi have a serious e-mail problem, and not sure how to solve it, i keep getting e-mail messages from people or i don't know who they are, and sometimes i even get e-mails from myself which i know i haven't been sending them, and the worst part is they fill up my e-mail inbox to up to 100 unknown e-mails that say undelivered mail, i know that i have not been sending them, scared to click on them, because i think it might give me a computer virus every day i delete them.but this is getting tiresome…this is a serious matter…please help!

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