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Bret Michaels: At first there's going to be a physical connection to the ones that are much more aggressive. When we came out as Poison, we wanted to be shocking because when we moved to L. there were at least twenty thousand bands trying to make it.

He wrote, directed and starred in the independent film A Letter from Death Row and directed Sheen in the film No Code of Conduct.

Never mind the ghosts in the house, there is something far worse that takes an interest in them…

a cannibalistic clown named Crepitus.”Crepitus is set for release on October 15th.

With a twenty year run as lead singer of the band Poison, Bret Michaels is one of the most enduring rock musicians of the past two decades.

Known throughout the eighties for hit singles like Nothin But a Good Time, Talk Dirty to Me, Unskinny Bop and the ballad that earned Michael's millions of devoted female fans, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, the group reveled in their massive popularity and the excess that came with it.

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