Book dating guest sign

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So when one of the bottles is opened, it’ll serve as a special moment to reflect on your journey together.

Any couple planning a vintage themed wedding will love this throwback idea.

Cherish your personalized quilt during warm nights on the couch, an afternoon picnic or for a fun tailgate.

Using your favorite engagement photos, gather them in a creative photo album for guests to sign on your wedding day.

You can even pick up the phone and ask your friend or family member for suggestions on their favorite attractions!

If you didn’t do an engagement shoot, use your favorite photos taken by you and friends while you were dating.

With plenty of pages dedicated to sentimental notes and well wishes, this photo book is a perfect way to commemorate your special day.

Each is written on different colored sheets of paper based on the cost of the date.

Keeping date ideas fresh and fun will contribute to keeping the spark alive, even after the honeymoon.

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