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The finding is independent of body size and instead concerns the physical property of individual muscle fibers, O'Neill said.

[Meet Your Muscles: 6 Remarkable Human Muscles]But don't let that get you down.

If you were to wrestle a chimpanzee in some kind of bizarre battle of the species, you'd be at a serious disadvantage.

Pound for pound, our closest cousins in the animal kingdom are about 1.35 times more powerful than humans, according to the first study to compare the underlying biology and mechanics of chimpanzee muscle to human muscle, along with reviewing previous research on the topic.

The researchers' computer simulations revealed that these differences in muscle characteristics increase the maximum dynamic force and power-producing capacity of chimpanzees by a factor of 1.35 compared to humans.

The price of that power, though, is that chimps and other apes tire more easily and cannot walk great distances to find food — or, for that matter, to find new lands and make new discoveries.

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    As soon as they have done a few things together — homework, ball game, went out to eat — and since they’ve done a few things together for that reason, the feeling arises that there should be a little bit of specialness in the relationship.