Bisexual phone number chatlines

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When men call our lines and tell us about their bisexual fantasies, they often choose a woman to share these fantasies with, particularly if they are just curious.This makes a lot of sense on many different levels, since they are mostly into women, with the occasional lingering turn-on that their bi-curious sides can sometime stir.

It didn’t carry a single trace of worry or self doubt. It seemed as if she was proud of the fact that she had crossed the line, so to speak.For other men, being bisexual is more than just the occasional sharing of cock fantasies.In my experience with this wonderfully arousing topic, and having talked to hundreds of men with varying degrees of bisexual tendencies, I usually think them as belonging *roughly* to a unique category. Alfred Kinsey report, half the US population can be classified as bisexual!In this article, I will discuss the world of BISEXUAL PHONE SEX and how it can help guide through your process of self discovery.

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