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Most companies have changed the design of their playing card seals over time.

I have collaborated this information to help in the dating of several non-USPC manufacturer's decks, as well as sealed USPC decks.

Usually on the outside of the deck's box, or even on the ace of spades there is a manufacturers address. A supply of faces could be printed and stored and the backs could be added as needed.

For more information about Manufacturers Stamps, see the Manufacturers Stamps article on this website.

Thus far, I have put together information about: The United States Playing Card Co. This is really only relevant to decks in the United States.

So it is possible that the deck was produced years before the tax stamp was even applied.

Also, if the deck is open than it is possible for the deck to be in the incorrect box, in which case the tax stamp offers no insight into the date of the actual deck.

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