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This can occur when a program uses company generated fake profiles, the brand becomes burnt as everyone knows it's no good for real dating.

New brands are needed to keep 'exploiting' customers.

You will not waste any of your traffic with Pure Payout as almost all of it can be converted into sales.

Learn more about Advendor Crak Revenue is a CPA-based advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers.

Or make you mess about to compare the pervious month with the current months projected forecast?

The Pure Payout dashboard does all of this (and more) with a few clicks and reports the results in less than 0.02 seconds! How much affiliate traffic have you wasted trying to determine which lander has the best conversion rate?

Dating is one of the affiliate marketing niches that never cease to grab people’s attention and has a good potential to generate revenue for publishers.

With well-designed landing pages, running thoroughly targeted ad campaigns based on Cost-Per-Action paying model, mobile publishers are in a good position to make money with Dating affiliate networks.

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