Ben gibbard dating history

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I've learned as I've gotten older that it's very important to walk away from a piece of work and clear one's mind of the creative process and then return to it later.

When I was younger, I would start a song and I wouldn't think about anything else until it was done and it would just consume my entire being. But more times than not, I think about the work that I could have done if I would have had the wisdom to just focus on something else, walk away from it, and come back to it.

But at the same time, one thing that running ultra marathons doesn't necessarily give you is balance. I mean something that I've spoken with other artists about is, especially in your music, a lot of it can be very emotional and some people feel like they need to drink in order to tap into that space.

And then we're starting to tour a bit, but the tours are short and they're kind of a break from real life, so we're gonna go out and kind of just go crazy because I'm going to be back at my job in two weeks. Over time, I got to a place where we had been touring on 'Plans' and that tour kind of wrapped up in the end of 2006.

But I have found when I've been deep into an ultra marathon, there is inevitably a moment where everything falls away and I'm just a being in space. Moving through this beautiful environment on a trail on a mountain somewhere and all the concerns that you might have about anything in your life just disappear and you have these moments of just flow and Zen that people achieve them by myriad ways. There are the type- A people who are measured professionals who set goals and then achieve them.

And then there are weirdos and then there are addicts. I've met so many addicts, so many people in recovery who have at some point kind of discovered that kind of transcendence that you'd find running or doing ultra marathons and have put that in place of the addiction that they had.

That's a dangerous thing to do, I think, if you're just replacing one addiction for another.

I mean, obviously an addiction to running is inarguably better than an addiction to like crack. One thing I'm always constantly struggling with is trying to make sure that I'm not robbing Peter to pay Paul in my own life when it comes to my running and make sure that, yeah, I do a lot of it, it's a huge hobby of mine, but it's not the only interest I have outside of music.

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