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What they lack in sex appeal, they more than make up for in sweetness, genuineness and traditional values.

They have a polite disposition about themselves and a tender shyness that makes them unique.

In this case, it can be easier and potentially cheaper to withdraw this money and bring it with you, prior to arriving in Minsk. The vast majority of restaurants, stores, bars and clubs all accept credit card payments.

In essence, you could get away without needing any paper currency during your stay in Belarus, minus the odd payment for a metro token when needed.

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The ladies are intelligent so obviously, they want an intelligent man. Looking at that from a statistics standpoint, the probability of you meeting your future bride is high!Belarusian girls in Minsk are some of the most homogeneous women I have come across.Roughly 97% of the population is comprised of Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian people. It is difficult to find Asian or African minorities in Minsk, other than a few exchange students here and there.The country may be small but the number of Belarus women for marriage is anything but.We suggest you jump right in and start interacting with tall, blonde bombshells.

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