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It does require a bit of a paradigm shift and a different approach, but these sites can be goldmines with fairly little time and effort invested.

One of the first issues you’re going to run into is that this particular vertical is infamously spammy.

Now, you’re not supposed to rip off the banners and ads – you just want to gain a general idea, so that you can choose your ad network armed with more info.

Landers are also pretty important, and you should use them as often as possible, as you want to make sure that your CTR is as high as possible.

More importantly, adult entertainment isn’t limited only to sleazy and x rated stuff. Even so, getting to know the ins and outs of the industry isn’t easy. In fact, the Porn industry is just vicious, and walking the thin line between copyright infringement and legality is a common practice.

That being said, there’s still room for an honest marketer in the pond.

If you decide to get in on this bandwagon, you need to be ready to do a lot of tracking and testing – even more so than usual. Different age groups are interested in different stuff, so you need to know who your target audience is for the particular ad.

There are some clever and creative ways to avoid the dreaded NSFW (Not Safe For Work) label on your ads.

Adult entertainment is an 100-billion-dollar industry and, as such, it involves a lot of advertising. It’s a bit upside-down compared to other, tamer, niches and people in the biz are notorious for keeping their information to themselves.

After all, why would you want to limit your reach only to off-work hours?

You need to optimize your campaign to cover as many common user-browser interactions as possible.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the adult entertainment industry doesn’t always like other businesses.

For example, by some accounts, adult sites actually do better when their ads look amateurish, showcasing weird but engaging language.

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