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Ann worked in Bridgetown for many years including 13 years for Cave Sheppard, a large department store in town.Making Contact There is a strong sense of community among the Redlegs.To earn money, she collected coconuts, splitting them with a pick-axe and supplying the husks to a local nursery for orchid cultivation.

When I first visited Erlene Downie in 2000, she had been living alone for 33 years, following the death of her husband from leukemia.She had moved onto a plot beside her daughter’s house, where she lived in a wooden shack, again without running water, proper sanitation, or electricity.To make matters worse, she was sharing the tiny space with a nephew and her youngest son, who is a haemophiliac.“If I need to eat, I go next door, and if they need to eat, they come to me,” 86-year-old Eustace Norris, who spent 30 years working in a factory in England before returning to Barbados, told me. Despite having lived in Barbados for a number of years, I had only glimpsed these conspicuously poor, bare-footed individuals hauling coconuts up the hill in the New Castle district of Saint John Parish on the east coast of Barbados.In order to get to know them better, I spent time with them in 2000 and again in 20.

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