Bae soo bin dating anyone

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This storyline happen when Park Sun-Woo finds nine magical incense sticks that allow him to travel 20 years back in time where a tragedy happened to his family, so he gets the chance to travel back in time to avenge them.He attempts to keep his family safe in order to change the world he lives in today.Main cast : This melodrama series is about Ji-Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri), a bright girl who is going to be a bride but her perfect life was suddenly ruined when she turned to sleeping beauty because of a car accident.She made a deal with a god of death; if she find the tear from three people who truly loves her in 49 days except a member of her family.

If you want to learn Korean in an easy and happy way, or you are a big K-Drama fans, or you love watching romantic dramas or you just have a long vacation and have nothing to do, you are tired of lots of works surrounded by and wanna get rid of it, you have a plenty time while waiting for your kids to come back from school, you had a break up problem or whatever reason that you would interested in being a Korean series addiction.

Smoldery leading man Go Soo is officially off the singles market, not that any of us mere mortals ever had a chance with him. Love her pretty youth dress with tiny bit of tulle underskirt. OMG, why have these two not made a drama together before? Ji Sung, who apparently forgot to comb his head before leaving the house. Bae Soo Bin and some random girl I don’t recognize. a lifetime of marital bliss and happy felicitations on their big day.

The wedding was closed to the media, which is not unusual since the bride is not in the entertainment industry.

Go Soo came out to speak to the reporters before the ceremony, and the rest of the time the news outlets just snapped away at the arriving guests, many of whom were top stars in K-ent.

Wonder why he keeps insisting on wearing his grandpa’s suits to a slew of recent events. Could use some color in her cheeks, but otherwise So Pretty! And with that famous people parade done, I hereby wish Go Soo and the Mrs.

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