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So the first step in how to charm a girl into dating you is to step up, take the lead, and make it all happen.When you invite a girl out on a date then, don’t be timid or uncertain, saying things like “well I don’t know, what do you want to do?That makes a guy look insecure, and is a one-way ticket to the friend-zone.Instead, own your intention and be straight up with your interest in her.Doing this will make the girl feel special and good about herself – and having that effect is a great way to get a girl interested in dating you.

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A key piece of dating advice for men to keep in mind is that when on a date, men are in the driver’s seat and women are along for the ride (metaphorically speaking).

That is, they want to get a girl to go on a date solely because of the feeling of validation they get when she says yes.

But this is a big mistake guys make when asking a girl out because women pick up on that vibe and it’s a big turn-off.

Instead, how to charm a girl when inviting her on a date is to take the focus away from you.

Don’t ask a girl out as a way of filling your own needs and getting that sense of validation for yourself.

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