Asian sex dating in mass

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Hi, I'm an Asian American male in my 20's considering moving to Boston.

One thing I'm a bit concerned about is the dating situation for asian males in Boston.

I’ve had my fair share chances to date/talk to all those types, but I’m just so worn out having to ameliorate my shitty childhood..not for reconciling the elitist Ivory Tower standards here.

Though I do think I’m finding a bit of my groove as of lately.

People often say the south is more racist, but there are very few Asian people there and a small percentage of white girls are into Asian men.

That being said, I'm a pretty good looking guy (based off the numerous "you're hot for an Asian guy" comments) and in pretty good shape.

Maybe its because I notice the AMWF couples more than other couples, but the one common denominator is the couples are under 25 to college age so there are maybe fewer hang ups.

Again I live in the liberal 2 square mile bubble of the most progressive, well traveled and educated part of the city.

I am a single AM who's lived in Boston for 20 years.

I've only lived in the city between Back Bay and South End, and I go out a lot around the area and Cambridge.

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