Arab dating azdg in oman

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Over one and a half million other Omani Arabs live in other areas of the Middle East and East Africa.

The Omani are set apart from other ethnic groups by their unique use of the Southeast Asian Colloquial Arabic language and by their culture.

Their lifestyle has a wider variety of occupations, weaker family ties, greater freedom for women, fewer arranged marriages, and fewer social pressures to conform to religious practices.

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These included developing the oil industry; building new roads, hospitals and schools; allowing girls to attend school; and establishing adult literacy programs.

The Ibadis live primarily in the mountainous regions of Oman.

The Sunnis live in the coastal villages and the Shiites are located in the cities.

Most live in older whitewashed houses and are employed as officials, laborers, merchants, and sailors.

An increasing number of them are also working in the petroleum industry.

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