Anti dating interracial girls dating younger guys in highschool

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Tarek: One other idea the film brought up is that just because you’re a white liberal and you would have voted for Obama three times if you could, that doesn’t necessarily make you in touch with other people’s experiences.

The idea that, Oh I can totally relate to what you go through and I don’t see you any differently, that typical white liberal language — I don’t think that makes things any easier.

And as the plot thickened — it was like, Wow, could this really happen to me? After the movie, he did tell me that he was kind of scared to meet my mother because based on the pictures he had seen of her, because she has this kind of Paula Deen haircut.

Right before going into the movie I was telling him about a family reunion we do every year, and I was like: “You’re going to come, right?

I wasn’t so aware that he still felt that way, even after two years of us being together.

Tarek: Once you get more used to people at a personal level these things don’t play as big of a role, but you can’t help but always have these things at the back of your mind.

” And he’s like, “Yeah, I’m not going.” Jordana, Jewish, 26, and Tarek, North African, 27. Jordana: We did have a talk about the film that night.

You could just feel people looking at us and overhear someone saying, “Man, he has to leave her.” Jordan: She definitely felt more uncomfortable than I did, because I guess I grew up around racism more than she did.

But when they heard that my father was black they wanted nothing to do with us.

So I guess I was exposed to it at such a young age it doesn’t bother me anymore.

I just kind of saw Rose as the conduit through which privilege and microaggressions occurred.

I think people saw a strict black-male white-woman romantic relationship, whereas I saw it as more of a black-white relationship in general.

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