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It’s split into multiple random paths which ensures it can’t be monitored or saved by servers.In general, Jus Talk Kids is a good app, it has safe communication functions: live videos, voice calls, photos, messaging and entertainment like doodling and gaming during conversations. I look forward to seeing how it develops moving forward.Kidgy describes itself as parental control software for parents to monitor their children’s digital activity remotely.It is cross-platform software, though Android an i OS are the only platforms that are supported.

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By using this feature you definitely can block the websites you consider inappropriate for your child but it is not clear whether you can block the browser on your child’s device or not (at least on i OS).

And is it possible to link together two or more devices (like mother and father) to the device you want to monitor?

The schedule option is more like a daily planner for the kids run by their parents.

Obviously here at Kidslox we’re committed first and foremost to the safety of our kids when they’re online. We’re already fans of Jus Talk’s main app, but an offering for children needs a different focus. Removing the possibility for children to connect with strangers is one of the key reasons why a separate, children’s service is necessary, to ensure safety and prevent “stranger danger”, so how do they achieve this?

Jus Talk Kids promises safe video chat and messaging, and is specifically designed for kids to connect with family and close friends from their tablets or smartphones. It’s simple enough, for a contact to be added to your list, you have to add them AND they have to add you.

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