An error occurred while updating the firmware 32 dns updating slow

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It’s not my main machine, but I would like to install 10.13 on it.

Updating starts smoothly enough, but when it comes to restarting, I get the following message: I understand that my Mac is on the edge, but I read that any machine which supports 10.12 will also support 10.13 The i Mac is running from an external SSD, due to a problem with the logic board, so I know that I have some problems.

I also have an additional partition as a backup, which complicated things.

I then had to convince the new Mac to boot from the correct internal partition when I finished.

Luckily I kept the original hard drive around, and after trying the newest installer and rebooting into safe mode several times without any joy, I just took a screwdriver and put the old HDD back in temporarily (there are good guides on ).

The installation with the original HDD completed without any problems, including the firmware update.

Make sure you delete any existing installer you might have first.

This version ran without issue first time, updating the computer's firmware and installing High Sierra.

an error occurred while updating the firmware 32-55

an error occurred while updating the firmware 32-44

an error occurred while updating the firmware 32-21

an error occurred while updating the firmware 32-17

The fix was to download the latest version of the High Sierra installer from the App Store and run that - it is version at the time of writing.Before downloading, be sure to remove all currently installed versions of the utility.Though the utility should be kept in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder, some people may have multiple copies installed on their systems if they have manually moved them out of the Applications folder.According to anecdotal comments online, it seems that Apple is installing a firmware upgrade and older versions of the High Sierra installer only worked with specific drive configurations.In my case, I expect the firmware checker was expecting a HDD in this machine when it's now an SSD.

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