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=== End of flashback brought to you by Amelia ===Nearly fifteen minutes have passed since night descended and so far your girlfriend of three years hasn't arrived yet.

Leaning back on the park bench you begin to wonder what's keeping her.

Though for a time you were puzzled as to why she would only agree to see you at night.

Some weeks later she took it upon herself to tell you that she was a Vampire, which explained how she knew you were bleeding; she smelt your blood.

While visiting countries with high Turkish populations such as Germany, most of the Turkish women I saw were overweight and had unattractive faces.

Dating is the #1 South African online dating site that connects South African men and women with other singles in their area.

I just moved to Austin, TX for a tech job programming, which by the way has a crazy awesome tech startup community. I'm happy with my girlfriend, but Austin has great culture and a very popular university so... There are tons of twenty-somethings hanging around. And you don't have to look far to find good art.

You turn your head back to the direction your walking. " The blue-eyed woman says putting her hands on her hips and a smile placed on her lips.

Unfortunately you've been staring at the blonde-haired woman so long that when you do turn your attention back to the pavement, your face smacks into a lamppost. Really I'm fine" you avert your gaze, trying not to seem foolish despite what just happened just now."You're, uh, bleeding... " Almost as if on queue your nostrils starts to drip with blood. "Shame, I like guys who're clumsy and cute~"'Wait, is she flirting with me?

Her eyes are a dazzling light blue in colour, and her blonde hair comes down to her shoulders.

She's wearing a red, white and blue t-shirt, she is also wearing light blue jeans and American flag themed sneakers.

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