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Steinberg, Guardian Ad Litem for the Minor Children v. 08/13/2019 Judgment of trial court affirmed where appellant did not challenge on appeal the trial courts dismissal on grounds of mootness and that ground alone provides a sufficient legal foundation for the trial courts ruling 0699194 Govstrive, LLC, and Ohio Security Insurance Company v.Melvin Bethea 08/06/2019 Summary affirmance no error in Commissions finding that appellants injuries were causally related to the work accident 0017194 Bricia Roslyn Bryant v.In the Life of Coriolanus, the speeches of his mother Volumnia take pride of place as an extended section of first person discourse, indeed one of the longest speeches of any kind in the Parallel Lives.If we take the earlier versions of her speech in Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus as discursive representations of a particular tradition, we can try to understand from what social and literary models Plutarch constructed his speech and how in modifying her characterisation, he is able to rewrite her tradition.The construction of such opposing moral positions therefore reinforces the complexity and subtlety of Plutarch’s ethical analysis and the philosopher’s strong Platonic outlook.The longest of Cicero’s post exile speeches, the Pro Sestio occasioned a return for the orator from disgrace, yet his anxieties regarding the memoria of his consulship, his present auctoritas and in particular, his relationship with the res publica is interwoven throughout the text through the manipulation and complex interconnection of time and space.

Spotsylvania County Department of Social Services 07/23/2019 Summary affirmance trial court did not err in approving the foster care goal of adoption for appellants child 0084192 Robert Allen Whitmer v.There are two important aspects of Plutarch’s treatment that will be considered in this paper: his emphatic characterisation of her spoken maternal authority and the significance of this construction as a dramatic function of what I term his "ethical framework".This thesis examines the ways in which the speech of women and their interaction with men contribute to the ethical framework of Plutarch’s Roman Lives.Staybright Electric and Old Republic Insurance Company 07/30/2019 Summary affirmance as appellants failure to comply with the Rules of Court is significant, Court will not consider appellants assignments of error 0107192 Mary Carter Mc Connell v. 07/30/2019 Judgment of trial court regarding equitable distribution and spousal support affirmed 0189181 Garrett Lamar Porter v.Commonwealth of Virginia 07/30/2019 Trial court erred in finding appellant was not seized for Fourth Amendment purposes at the time the bag containing heroin was discovered 1822183 Melissa Lephew v.

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