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As each speech is delivered not only at critical points of the protagonist’s life, but at critical moments for Rome, each scene dramatically exemplifies an unsettling mode of instruction within the narrative by questioning the statesman’s roles and responsibilities within Rome’s societal structures; and each subsequently reasserts the social and ethical foundations on which the protagonist (and Plutarch’s ideal reader) should rely.These opinions are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.Roanoke County Department of Social Services 07/30/2019 Trial court did not err in terminating appellants parental rights to her children after finding appellant was unable to remedy the conditions that led to the children being placed in foster care and termination was in childrens best interest 0083192 Robert Allen Whitmer v.

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Chapter Two explores the more intimate speeches delivered by Julia, Octavia and Cleopatra in the Life of Antony.

Staybright Electric and Old Republic Insurance Company 07/30/2019 Summary affirmance as appellants failure to comply with the Rules of Court is significant, Court will not consider appellants assignments of error 0107192 Mary Carter Mc Connell v. 07/30/2019 Judgment of trial court regarding equitable distribution and spousal support affirmed 0189181 Garrett Lamar Porter v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 07/30/2019 Trial court erred in finding appellant was not seized for Fourth Amendment purposes at the time the bag containing heroin was discovered 1822183 Melissa Lephew v.

Firstly, how the relationship between his enemies’ inappropriate nocturnal use of domestic and civic spaces combined with vivid movement (volito) created a sharp delineation between their actions and those of the Republic’s stalwarts.

Secondly, I’ll examine how he constructs a relationship between his own deeds, Rome’s civic architecture and virtuous exempla from the past; in particular how this use of space interconnects with time to both manipulate and create memory within the text.

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