Am i dating a dork

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If I am going to be honest with myself, I wasn’t exactly good at dating before I was married, even worse at dating my wife. Those trails are gorgeous since the leaves have fallen, transformed into a bright woods with views of the marshes and river clear.

No amount of effort is going to make me a date savant. Even without the song of love on my heart, I feel lighter as I ride, buoyed by the scenery.

Common courtesy tells me to be sensitive to the time and commitments that she has, that I should not expect her to make me the center of her world.

This might sound like a bad thing on the surface, but what it means for you is that these guys likely didn't develop the bigheaded entitlement that goes along with automatically being attractive to girls.

Love as a middle aged man is different yet the same.

I still have no clue about what I am doing, am still that man who learned that love is more than taking a woman to bed.

However, common sense says that I should not be pushing her for that yet. It’s also tough to tell just how much of my needs I can communicate to her without being selfish. Today she messaged me to say good morning before she left for work, sent me a few quick notes during her lunch, said hello when she left work. Then I took a chance, at least it’s a chance for me, but I don’t want to hold back from her.

When I want (need) to ride, it’s good to be able to ride without thinking about the time I might be taking from someone else. Her daughter has two pit bulls that also live with her.

I know what I am going to be doing Saturday nights. Deborah’s 85 year old mother requires daily attention. Of course, what man wants it only once a week, even if “it” is kisses and snuggles only? This whole dating thing is more difficult than the whole marriage thing (wait, no, no, no it’s not yet).

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