Alexander skarsgard and ellen page dating asian speed dating markham

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I know nothing about either of their sexual orientations (except that I met him once and he smolders at everything moving, men and women) but what you said is false. The article mentions that the two of them are hoping to star in "Fifty Shades of Crap", so at the moment they both have a reason to look straight. If he wanted to fuck a dude, he would, and he wouldn't pay some chick to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Still, an actual baby would hurt their chances, who the hell wants to see a couple of parents doing bondage onscreen? We still have that video of him licking and humping the guy. That in and of itself confirmed his heterosexuality.

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costars Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page may or may not be dating, but they certainly look like a cozy couple in this picture that their director Zal Batmanglij tweeted on Saturday.

Page, who has starred in such movies as , liked the photo enough to retweet it along with the comment, “Canadian tuxedo party” in reference to their denim-on-denim ensembles.

This isn’t the first rumor that the actors’ relationship is of a romantic nature.

The only times they have ever been spotted together have been to promote their movie and they once went to a hockey game more than a year ago.

They have never been spotted or photographed together outside of that. In fact he's only ever been photographed at one game ever and he was with a bunch of male friends. Find me one picture of them together doing ANYTHING outside of promoting their movie. I think they had to recently make a statement about being "just friends" because there was rampant speculation that they were dating since they were being spotted together all over the place. ;)If you squint real hard at the pictures, she does look like she could be about six months along.

Saw Ellen once or twice with her mother, and she did give off a very strong "butch" lesbian vibe. Disappointed because he could do so much better than a short fugly dyke. OMG r43 that is so gross, those two redefine creepy.I thought this irritating little girl had faded away. Yes, holding hands and vacationing together and everything.Good to see she's found a way to pay the bills since even those Internet ads aren't calling anymore. But as we well know, dating women exclusively for years doesn't mean you're a lesbian, especially when you've got a hot movie with a hot male costar to promote!And yes, I think the call of his penis must be too strong to skip, don't you?Skarsgard has denied he and Page are a thing in at least one recent interview.

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