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A longer version of Final Cut may be released on DVD at a later date – this 2007 edition was restricted to the traditional two-hour time limit for feature films that have a chance of a theatrical run.Finally, to get a good overview of 9/11, I reckon you still need to watch the following: 9/11: Press for Truth (which received a good write-up in The Age Green Guide), 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions, Loose Change: Second Edition, Loose Change: Final Cut, and perhaps Terrorstorm in order to learn about the history of false flag operations. Fresh from making commercials, first time filmmaker Antoine Fuqua, who went on to make a minor thriller classic in Training Day, was basically handed this vehicle to get Chow Yun Fat into the American film business.A watchable psychosexual drama that was released in a censored form in the US to remove a shot of Euan Mc Greggor's willy. I'm not sure any release on home video in Australia was cut either, but I can't speak for the cinema print, which I never saw. Mc Greggor and the supporting cast are all great, as is the cinematography. In my opinion, the previous version contains better, more methodical explanations of key 9/11 events and their inherent contradictions, while also wasting time (about 20%) on speculation that posited some remote or impossible to prove theories.Here it is, the revised, redux, shaken and stirred version of the 9/11 documentary Loose Change: Second Edition that millions of people have already seen, primarily from copies circulated around the world. Perhaps acknowledging ground previously covered, Final Cut takes a different approach.The horror genre suddenly looks healthy in comparison to what passes for mainstream comedy these days, honestly.The cameo by The Rock and the hotel masturbation scenes were the highlights.There's lots of drinking and bared breasts – full frontal female nudity is kept to a minimum, although there's more of that content than actual comedy. I suppose the aggro dwarves were amusing for at least few minutes of screen time. : Miami is a satire/spoof mockumentary similar to The Office, by way of Police Academy IV perhaps. I chuckled a few times, thus putting it ahead of Epic Movie by half a star.

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Perhaps I can squeeze in Blade Runner: The Final Cut on DVD before New Year's Eve?

A shockingly dated and tedious AIP Roger Corman adaptation of three Edgar Allen Poe stories from the pen of master scribe Richard Matheson. All three tales are just painfully kitsch, even allowing for when they were made and the small budgets.

Peter Lorre is passably quirky in 'The Black Cat' and the cinematography, presented in its original scope ratio, shows off the paper maché sets admirably.

If nothing else, American Pie: The Naked Mile has the most female nudity out of the four movies I hired today.

As you can guess, though, this franchise is taking a heavy post-mortem beating.

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