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As a full-time student, Melissa has to fit in escorting around her schedule, working mainly on weekends, which allows her to disguise what she does for a living: "I have lots of friends, both male and female, none of whom know what I'm doing, but I find it easy to make and keep good friendships....I'm not a loner or anything."For Melissa – and thousands like her – Adult Work breaks the underworld connections associated with sex work.

It's not much different from having an affair."Katie said treating part-time sex work as though it were an affair is "pretty common." She said she does it for the money – "I need to earn money so that I can afford to buy things," she said – but also enjoys the sex."OK, if a repellant guy is my client, it's not ideal, but it's not always like that," she said. I would never have joined an escort agency or worked in a brothel.

"No longer do individuals have to work for a third party such as an escort agency.

They are now at liberty to market their own services."Samantha added: "As far as we are concerned, the distinctions between amateurs and professionals have been blurred."A British Home Office spokeswoman said prostitution is not illegal in the United Kingdom, but solicitation and pimping are – and that Adult Work is pimping."Action would be a matter for the police," she said. K.-based, it could be shut down."Avedon Carol, a spokeswoman for Feminists Against Censorship, said shutting down the site helps no one."Anything that gives women more power over their work would help," she said.

Melissa is an attractive, intelligent and well-read 20-year-old.

A full-time student of communications, she is internet- and media-savvy – a far cry from the clichéd call girl."I think what I do is very different to prostitution, well in my head, anyway," she said.

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